Frequently Asked Questions

Roles. What is a leader and what is a follower?

In partnered swing classes each dancer has a different role:
- The leader is the one who propose or leads the steps.
- The follower is the one who responds or follows the leader's proposed steps.

Can I sign up without a partner?

Yes, as long as the course you want to enrol in has places available for your role.
We'll take care of making sure everyone is paired up.
In class we rotate partners often since swing is a social dance and at parties it's common to change partners at the end of every song.
* Tips: It is not required but register with a partner can help you to avoid the waiting list. Get organised and find a partner by posting in the Facebook event of the course you are interested in.

I’m not sure about my level, which is my course?

Read the description of the courses carefully.
If you are still in doubt, send us a message or ask one of the teachers in person to make a recommendation for you.

What do I need to wear for the classes?

- Comfortable and loose clothes.
- Comfortable and a little bit slippery shoes.
- A bottle of water.
- Since it is quite an energetic dance, you may want to bring and extra t-shirt to get changed.

Can I join after the course has started?

As long as the course you want to enrol in has places available for your role, you can start after the second week, but not any later.
In any case, you should pay for the whole course.

What happens if I can't do the course I sign up for?

Once a course is paid we don't do refunds, but you can give up your place to another student with the same role and level as you.

* Please note that to give up your place to another person you need to find that person and contact us and you can only do it before the 3rd week of the course.

What is the Taxi System?

We want to keep the balance of leaders/followers in class and you can help us to do it with our taxi system. 

How does it work?

If you can’t make a class, sent us a Facebook message or an email with your name, your role, your course and the date of the class you can’t make.

We will contact Swing By students (with the same role and higher level) to offer them the class. 

The first student to reply is allowed to attend that class for free.

Please note:

Taxi System only applies to Lindy Hop classes. It is not applicable to Solo Jazz Classes.

To join a class as a taxi you need a confirmation of the school by email/Facebook message. You can't join the class without this confirmation. 

Only Swing By Students can be taxis. Not applicable to other dancers.