Music has been in Javier’s life since he joined his first choir at age 4, and later he developed an interest in listening and making all kinds of music ranging from Renaissance to Folk or Swing.

Native from Valencia (Spain), it was there where he attended his first “Clandestino” thanks to local friends. He immediately knew he wanted to dance Lindy Hop. His career as an engineer took him to Madrid where he finally tried his first triplesteps, developing later an interest in other vintage dances.

He’s based in Dublin since 2016 from where he continues to attend festivals around the world and teaches regularly.


Marta has been dancing since she's seven. From ten years of contemporary and other solo dances she found Folk and then Lindy Hop. She fell in love with the music, the energy and the social dance.

Marta has been dancing Lindy Hop since November 2011 and is still learning and developing her dance. Going to workshops, participating in competitions. Learning other Swing dances.

Marta's style is playful and feminine. Her favourite things in Lindy Hop are musicality and points of connection.


After a chance encounter with swing dancing in a late night jazz club in Chicago, Michael was hooked line and sinker and has never looked back. He has been traveling throughout Ireland, Europe and North America for many years now studying, teaching, competing, and having the time of his life dancing lindy hop, charleston, balboa and blues.

He recently returned to Ireland from Canada and is excited to have the chance to share his passion and knowledge in Dublin.


Olga was born and raised in Lisichansk, Ukraine, but the Emerald Isle has been her home for sixteen years now. Here she began studying the variety of the beautiful swing era dances over six years ago, and ever since it’s been a whirlwind adventure of taking every class and workshop she could afford, discovering the rich history of these dances and the music that inspired them, practicing in any suitable (and unsuitable) space, performing, competing, DJing and teaching.

Since 2015, Olga's been one of the regular Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz and Blues Dance teachers in the fair city of Dublin. Among her competitive achievements is the 1st place in the Feelin’ Blues 2016 Rising Teacher Contest in Tel Aviv, where the winners were selected by student vote.


Medical Scientist by day and dance fanatic by night! Born in the small town of Kluczbork (Poland), where she lived up to the age of 14, when her family decided to move to Ireland. As a child Nico danced hip-hop and modern but her crush on Lindy Hop didn’t start until much later. It was in the Rebel City of Cork that she encountered a troupe of dancers swinging at a prohibition party. She was so enchanted by it all, that she had to give it a try!

Nico has joined Dublin crew in 2015 and her small crush on Lindy had soon developed into one true love! Since then she has been dancing Lindy in Dublin and abroad trying to soak up all the knowledge from local and international Swing Legends.

Nico's newest discovery is Collegiate Shag, so when the music gets fast, you will probably find her scooting across the dance floor!

For Nico, dancing is all about the pure joy of Swing music and that magical feeling of connection you get, while stomping with another person.


Born and raised in a small town in the south of Spain, Gabriel moved to Dublin at the beginning of 2016. Shortly after moving to the green island, Gabriel discovered Swing dancing and has been growing up as a dancer ever since.

During this time, he has tried all kinds of styles, but his favorites are definitely sweet Lindy Hop, frantic Collegiate Shag and soulful Blues.

Gabriel has travelled all around Europe and Ireland attending workshops and learning Lindy Hop, Charleston, Solo Jazz, Collegiate Shag and Blues from some of the best dancers in the world.

His style is growing goofy and musical, and Gabriel believes in the connection with the music and his partner. After experiencing some performances and competitions, Gabriel is looking forward to learning and enjoying dancing much more in the future.


There wasn't too much swing dancing when Kozue was growing up in Niigata City, Japan. She found lindy hop completely by accident after seeing some locals swinging out in the streets of Vancouver, Canada on a sunny day in August 2015.

Since that moment she has been head over heels, at times literally, with lindy hop, charleston, blues and balboa. She travels locally and internationally to learn from the best and enjoys performing, competing and DJing at every opportunity.

She recently started teaching in Dublin and is so excited to be able to share her passion with others.


Born in the Basque Country, Spain, Julen started dancing Lindy Hop in June 2014 in his home town. He got amazed by the syncopated rhythms of swing and the joy of dancing and he’s been learning and developing his dance ever since, attending several international festivals all around Europe every year.

Julen has danced and taught in Spain and in the UK before coming to Ireland. He loves to  keep learning and teaching lindy hop. Focused on the connection with his partner he also likes to explore the space for solo jazz improvisation in Lindy Hop as well as role switching.


Hailing from Istanbul, Alihan's interest in swing music was sparked by his music teacher early on in his life. He chose Lindy Hop because it was the only dance that he could find that the music actually interested him. Absorbing all that he could find, he quickly got obsessed with the dance too, going to every class, workshop and festival he could go.

He has lived and danced in Istanbul and Boston before moving to Dublin at the end of 2017 where he has been dancing, DJing and teaching since then.